Sarge has Bad Karma

Meet Sarge.
Sarge is our new car that we acquired this summer. After our “Angel” was totaled in a car accident.

IMG_0206.JPG (We name all of our cars: Marsha-Mellow–our white Volkswagon Convertible and Silver Bullet—our silver Isuzu Rodeo were all dear members of the Russell Family Fleet at one time). Naming your car is fun, and above all it lets your car know that you love it.
I was pretty adamant that our new Acadia be named “Sarge” based upon it’s unique greenish gray color.
I thought, “With a name like Sarge, this Acadia will be on protective duty, keeping my family safe as we are driving about.”
Sarge was keeping my family safe, but, uh oh, Sarge was attracting some bad karma!
In the first four months of having Sarge:
Sarge’s title was mysteriously lost via certified mail by the United States Post Office. Sarge got a parking ticket while tailgating at a KU game in Lawrence.
And, just yesterday Sarge and I got a speeding ticket!
You might be thinking, well those aren’t anomalies, things like that happen every day. True. However, speeding tickets, parking tickets, and lost mail hasn’t happened to me in over 10 years.
This had to be Sarge’s fault and Sarge’s bad karma. “What kind of life must you have had with your previous owner”, I wondered about Sarge?
I brought my question to my oh-so-intuitive and extremely-intelligent-friend, Allyson. She asked me:

Do you love Sarge?

I had to think for a minute. I like Sarge. I was grateful for the second row captain seats…and my kids really love Sarge.
But, me?
I told Allyson, “Every time I see a car that looks like Angel driving down the street I kind of miss her.”
Hmmm…now we were getting somewhere.
“Everything is made out of energy,” Allyson said, “including Sarge. ”

Sarge senses that you don’t love him.

I knew right then what I needed to do.
I made a list of all of the things I love about Sarge.


As I was writing the letter, I realized, Sarge isn’t a very endearing name.
So, I changed it!
From now on, we will refer to the Acadia as “Sage”.
Sage is a better fitting name. Sage means “wise one” and perfectly describes the unique greenish-gray color of the car.
Plus SAGE smudging is an ancient practice used for space clearing and cleansing. Yes, Sage is a perfect name…wise, cleansed and cleared.

Sarge doesn’t bad karma.
I had a bad attitude.

I was the one attracting bad things to happen.
It was MY negative feelings about Sarge attracting negative events.

The reality is, nothing about my car was changed or needed to change.
What DID need to change was my perception and thoughts and feelings ABOUT the car.

When things aren’t going well, we want to blame someone or something else.
However, the reality is:
If things aren’t going right in your world it is YOU that needs to change.<

You are the only one that has the power to change your current circumstance.
With awareness, acceptance, and action, we all have the power to change and improve our lives.
Is there a circumstance of “bad karma” in your life that you are blaming on someone or something else?
Is it your weight?
Is it your child’s behavior?
Maybe it is your house that always has something needing a repair?

I challenge you to take a minute and evaluate your situation:
1. What are you really feeling about this situation, person or thing?
2. Where are these feelings coming from?
3. What can you do today to change your perception, your thoughts, and your feelings about this?

Good luck and keep me posted on what you discover!

I am sending out a HUGE thank you, thank you, thank you to the Always-Wise-Allyson for her guidance in this matter.


Uh oh, we are tuned in to a negative frequency!

When I came home from work tonight, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my family was dialed into a negative frequency.

We lost our baseball game.
I haven’t finished my homework.
I still have a ton of paperwork to do.

It escalated to a stubbed toe. Whining.
But, the straw that broke this mama’s back was when Grandpa called to tell us that Grandma was in the hospital. This had to stop.
Our family was surfing on some gnarly negative thought waves, and like flies on poo, we were increasingly attracting more and more negativity by the moment.
So, I took a deep breath (this should always be your first step-unless you are drowning, in which case, you should hold your breath) and resorted to my handy-dandy “frequency changing plan”.

Plan A:
Sing and dance crazy.
(when no one else joined in my jumping-on-the-bed, hip-shaking, roof-raising rendition of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, I moved on to plan B).
Plan B:
Begin making juicy, loud, disgusting fart noises with your mouth and upper arm.
No one can resist cracking a smile at the sound of artificial flatulence. (Wait, did I just say crack?)
Luckily, my family couldn’t resist either, and before long, we were harmonizing arm-pit farts with double hand to mouth fart sounds.
It was musical and magical and thank goodness it worked because, well, I didn’t have a Plan C. By bedtime, we were laughing and smiling and happy to drift off into dreamland.

Next time you realize you are caught in a current of negative thoughts, try rising to a higher frequency with some crazy singing and dancing. And, if that doesn’t work, there is always Plan B.
Or, of course, there is always a song about farts. Caution: not for young children or anyone disgusted by flatulence.
My Bum Goes

At the heart of it all- is love.

When I said, “I do” to Mr. Russell Sprout, I acquired the most wonderful loving, supportive and compassionate husband. Plus, a patient, wise and fun father to our children AND (huge added bonus) a guy with a slew of kick-ass friends.
I mean, I really struck gold with my hubby’s buddies. These guys are a delicious mixed salad of hilariously funny, smart, supportive (I could go on…) and they are there anytime you need them. I love these guys.
I am feeling especially grateful for the witty, creative (although he denies this quality), compassionate, “Johnny V”.
This awesome marketing mega mind and consultant-extraordinaire, spent his Sunday afternoon helping me devise a business and marketing strategy for my Brussell’s Sprouts business.

As I was literally chopping Brussels Sprouts in my kitchen for dinner this afternoon, I was thinking about my business goals as Johnny V had guided me to do. I asked myself, “what is at the heart of my mission for this Brussell’s Sprouts business venture?”
(Side note: For those who don’t know, when you’re struggling with a decision, the best thing to do is to ask a question. I swear, every time I do it the universe delivers an answer almost immediately.)
I looked down into my pile of chopped Brussels Sprouts, and there it was:
Right there, two halves of Brussels Sprouts had perfectly aligned themselves to create a heart shape and I knew then…

at the heart of my business plan is love…duh-at the heart of everything is love!

Why would I run my business any differently?
At that moment, I realized, that this business plan will probably not look like every other generic business plan that you can read about on the Internet. My unique idea of a business plan is one with a foundation of love. Love for yourself and love for others.

The ideas and products grown through Brussell’s Sprouts will be rooted in love and cultivated with creativity, charity, compassion and kindness.

Just like those kick-ass friendships my hubby has grown (in the most tough, manly, fist-bumping way possible).

Wow, I am feeling so full of gratitude and love for the people I have in my life. And, judging from this huge pile of brussels sprouts, I’m going to be feeling very full of them later this evening too!

Thanks, Randy, for having seriously awesome friends (and sharing them with me).

Thanks, Johnny V, for the gift of your time and knowledge. I am so grateful for your expertise.

Watch out Law and Dries…I am hitting you up next for some financial guidance.

Spread loving kindness

I just read chapter 4 of Pam Grout’s new book, E-Cubed.
One of the tasks in experiment #4 is to “Be a love bomber”.
In the experiment, you are supposed to leave “I love you” notes in random places, such as: inside a library book, on the sign in the subway, etc.

Over the summer, we got a new car. I post affirmations all over my car, in my glove box, mirror, etc. This is the affirmation I posted on the rear hatch:
It says, “I see and experience love everywhere.” Guess what this lovely affirmation attracted in my life…

One night, I was driving home from work and a car pulled out in front of me on K-10. Part of me wanted to give the driver the finger. However, written in shoe polish on the back window were the words, “I love you”. Some people would have assumed that a boyfriend wrote that on his girlfriend’s car or something, but not me. I totally interpreted that the message was written for me. I had to laugh and said out loud, “I love you too.”
It made me think that we need more signs on the back of our cars saying, “I love you”, just like Pam suggests in her book.
We need to spread loving kindness and what better place to do it than on our cars where we Americans spend a lot of time.
So, I went home that night and made this bumper sticker:

This all happened around the same time that the ice bucket challenge was really going viral.
I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if people were as excited about spreading love as they were about dumping ice on their heads?
So, I went so far as to include a website on the bumper sticker (
Anyway, I printed a bunch of cards with this “I love you” logo on them that I intended to pass out…but I haven’t yet done it yet. After I read chapter four, Pam put a fire under my pants to pass those babies out!
So, be on the look-out, world!
I am about to start spreading some loving kindness!

Also, if you haven’t you seen the movie, The Love Bomb, check it out: Love Bomb: The Movie
Dr. Rhea Zimmerman knows all about what it means to spread loving kindness.