Happy Tootie Toot-Toot Day! (2-22-2015)

We have so much to celebrate. Every day of the year should be a holiday. Which is why last year, I created a new holiday which is a day dedicated to the Gas we Pass: February 22nd (2/22), “Tootie Toot-Toot Day”.

On my blog, spreadlovingkindness, I am embarking on a mission to spread love and kindness and encourage others to do the same. Passing gas can be a hilarious means of spreading kindness. What!?!? Did she just say, spread love through farts? Yep. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that farting is always a means of spreading kindness. Let’s be honest, sometimes a “Dutch oven”can be downright mean.
But, really, who doesn’t chuckle when they hear a rip-roaring toot?
We can all use a good laugh every now and then. So, why not break the ice by breaking a little wind? And see if you can get someone else to “crack” a smile while you are at it.
Check out this video where a hilarious farting family spreads laughter with a little gas passing prank.

Happy Tootie Toot-Toot Day!



Don’t give things up, give them out!

I am so grateful for my awesome friend, Kate, who is spreading love and kindness this Lent season.
#Spreadlovingkindness 😘


Spread Loving Kindness

I dropped in to see my friend, Kate, this morning. I was so inspired by her family’s plans for Lent that I just have to share them…

Lent is a season when several denominations of the Christian faith acknowledge the ways they have turned away from God in their lives and focus on turning their hearts and minds back toward God.
Lent is often associated with “giving up something”. However, my friend, Kate, and her family have decided to turn their hearts and minds toward God by giving out something.
Kate showed me a grid of 40 Random Acts Of Kindness that her family has committed to complete over the next 40 days.
They kicked off there went season by placing flowers and kind notes on the windshield of strangers car is in the Walmart parking lot. Today, they are practicing holding the door open for others and saying, “after…

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Be a cheerleader

Spread Loving Kindness

One of my absolutely most favorite things to do is to be my friends’ BIGGEST cheerleader. Whether it is supporting their growing costume business, sending them encouraging text messages during their 100 mile bike race around Lake Tahoe, or using social media to spread the word about their latest book release, I love, love, love to cheer my friends on.
Everyone has a unique gift to share with the world and I just get all giddy and goose-bumpy when I see my friends following their dreams.
I bet you know someone who is working towards a dream.
How can you encourage them?
Your mission today, if you choose to except it, is to encourage that friend to continue with their dream. Maybe you like their Facebook page about their new business, or send them an encouraging message. Whatever it is do it with all of the love and kindness in…

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Spread Loving Kindness

An act of kindness does not have to be a physical act or spoken word. An act of kindness can be as simple as giving someone a silent blessing. Some call this prayer, but to me, saying a prayer is challenging, it requires some thought. In my busy brain, I need something more simple. I prefer to “namaste”.
You might think that “namaste” is just a word you say at the end of your yoga class. But, do you know what that word means?

Namaste: I respect the presence of God within you; I bow to the God within you.

With that one simple word, you can send love, respect, and kindness to others.
I have to admit, I started this practice as a means to find peace and love when I encountered people that I didn’t particularly enjoy being around. When I was in their presence, I would silently…

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Mission P❤️ssible: Day 13

Spread Loving Kindness

Today, your mission is:
Take time to teach someone else a skill that you know.


A well known proverb states that “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

Giving and teaching are both valiant acts of kindness.
But, there is something magical about teaching. When you teach, you give something beyond a transient material “thing”. Flowers, money, toys…those things go away. Knowledge. Knowledge is something that stays and grows and expands.
Through teaching, you give a piece of yourself. You plant a seed of love and kindness in someone else, which can grow and expand and spread.

Check out this amazing organization
Teach a Man to Fish
that believes education is the key to tackling youth unemployment and poverty worldwide. Their organization works with schools to set up school businesses. These…

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Mission P❤️ssible: Day 9

Spread Loving Kindness

Today, your mission is:
Call someone you have not talked to in a while.

If you don’t have anyone to call, consider volunteering your time to this organization:
The Telephone Reassurance program of Community Village in Lawrence, Kansas.
This program helps elderly people and their families feel safer about living independently in their homes by recruiting volunteers who will call and check-in on elderly people living in their home on a regular schedule to make sure they are safe and healthy.
This organization is still looking for volunteers…check them out.

Community Village Telephone Reassurance Program


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