Snooze E. Sheep’s Treasure Hunt: Week 4-Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park

Week FOUR and Snooze is at it AGAIN!  Have fun hunting for Snooze’s clues at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park in Lenexa!IMG_0708


Snooze E. Sheep’s Toddler Treasure Hunt is Happening THIS OCTOBER!

Guess what?  A magical sheep has just flown into Kansas City.  His name is Snooze E. Sheep, and he is on a mission to transform toddler nap-times into a fun adventure.  Snooze is so super duper excited for the kids of Kansas City to discover the joy of “snoozing” with Snooze, that he is going to hide copies of his book, Snooze©, in various kid-friendly spots throughout the city!

Everyday Friday this October, Snooze will hide his book in a new location.  Check his Facebook page each Friday morning at 9am to get a treasure map to help you find the book.

Use the treasure map and take your toddler on an exciting treasure hunt to look for Snooze’s signature z-shaped clue and find the magical book that has the power to transform not-so-happy nap-times into magical adventures.

Don’t worry if you aren’t the first one to find Snooze’s hidden treasure.  Anyone who finds Snooze’s clue has a chance to be a winner! Take a picture of your child next to Snooze’s clue and post it on Snooze’s Facebook Page with #snoozethesheep for a chance to win a copy of his book!

Winner’s names will be drawn and announced at the end of the month.

Don’t have time to take your toddler on a treasure hunt, but want a fun new way to transform nap-time “nays” into “hip-hip-hoorays”?

Check out Snooze’s website where you can purchase the book and get more fun information about Snooze E. Sheep (like what in the world is his middle name and what Snooze likes to do for fun).

Happy Hunting!

Snooze the Sheep