Happiness 101: How to Experience Genuine and Authentic Happiness

Everyone wants to feel happy.  Research indicates that solid relationships, engaging ways to spend your time and prosocial behavior all contribute to happiness.

But do you really NEED these things to feel happy? If your basic human needs are met is it possible to feel happy by simply being?

Spiritual teachings stress that happiness is real only when we let go of seeking material and transient things and discover the lasting joy that is within.

  Here are six steps to help you feel genuine, authentic happiness:

1. Lighten up.  Quit taking yourself so seriously. So what if you farted in your office right before your boss walked in…$h!+ happens…to everyone. Including your boss.

2. Don’t label yourself or identify yourself with something external.  You are not your body, your job, even your accomplishments. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

3. Love yourself.   Be kind to yourself. Accept yourself exactly as you are. If you can’t love yourself how can you accept love from anyone else?

4. Release the past and forgive yourself. What’s done is done. It cannot be changed. Move on.

5. Feelings are for feeling, not stuffing. Don’t constipate yourself with emotions you have stuffed away. Acknowledge and accept any and all feelings you experience. Cry. Laugh. Get angry. Scream. Tremble. Be afraid. Hiding your feelings only hurts you.  

6. Meditate.  Meditation gives you a sense of awareness beyond the sensory experiences of the material world. Meditation allows you to consciously move your awareness from the material to the immaterial.
 Did YOU connect with your inner happiness?  It might take some time, but keep at it.  Happiness is there…I promise.


How to create your happiest year ever…

I love this time of year. The beginning of a new year. New goals. New aspirations. Excitement. Optimism. The start of something new brings the hope of something great!  We set goals to eat healthy, exercise more, lose weight, quit bad habits, be more productive…

Why do we set these goals?  

Is it because it’s the “right” thing to do, what we think we “should” do? Or, is it because doing these things will make us happy?

I challenge you, this year, to stop “shoulding” yourself and set your New Years resolutions based upon your soul’s deepest desire: HAPPINESS.  

Take a moment to reflect on your life. What moments do you remember with a smile? Is it busting your butt on the treadmill at 5am or is it that afternoon that you hiked through Tooth Fairy Forest with your family?

This year, instead of setting goals for things you SHOULD do, write a list of all the things that will make you HAPPY. Then, resolve to spend more time doing those things.  

Resolve to choose happiness above all “shoulds”.

I’m definitely not saying go hogwild on the fried chicken at Country Kitchen buffet or spend the year sitting on your couch laughing at reruns of Seinfeld. Those activities might make you happy in the moment, but when December 31, 2016 rolls around are those the moments that you will remember?

Resolve to create moments worth remembering.

I am certain this resolution will lead you to your HAPPIEST year yet!

What are your resolutions to create happiness? I’d love to read them!

A few of my resolutions to create happiness:

  1. Having FUN makes me happy…Spend more time playing, laughing and being silly.
  2. BALANCE in my life makes me happy…balance my time between work, play, relaxation, relationships, me-time, charity.
  3. SUCCESS and accomplishment makes me happy…Take daily action towards my life goals.
  4. Spending QUALITY TIME with my loved ones and friends makes me happy…have parties, celebrate everything, host more happy hours, lunch dates, put down my phone and Be present with people, snuggle my family and puppy.
  5. TRAVELING makes me happy…plan vacations, take road trips.
  6. Feeling HEALTHY makes me happy…walk the dog, walk with friends, do yoga, plan healthy meals, cook with my family, meditate.
  7. MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION makes me happy…spend time daily talking with my kids about topics beyond “how was your day”.  
  8. INSPIRING others makes me happy…write inspiring blogs, public speaking, write inspirational book, practice affirmations.
  9. Being KIND and HELPFUL makes me happy…continue working as a pediatric OT,  volunteer at kids’ school, volunteer on HOA board, do lots of random acts of kindness.
  10. Being CREATIVE makes me happy…write some more books (maybe with my kids), launch the Comfy Cup.
  11. Having FREEDOM and FREE TIME makes me happy…So I vow to practice saying “no thanks” to thongs and things that don’t make me happy! (haha, typo that I decided to leave in–because thongs don’t make me happy…I much prefer a cozy booty-covering underpant). No thanks to thongs that ride up my crack!  Also, no thanks to any THING doesn’t create FUN or FREE TIME or HAPPY AND MEMORABLE MOMENTS.

Each year, I choose a “word for the year”.  Several people have asked what my word is this year.

 This year, my word is HAPPINESS.

    What is yours?